A New Thing…

Here is a new thing. We looked outside our house one morning and found her lurking there.

To give an idea of scale she was about the size of my palm.

p5280118.JPGWe found out later that she was a Cecropia Moth and to see one in the daylight was really quite rare, at least in our neck of the literal woods.

Here is another new thing. We have begun a blog for DoxaSoma. I will be the main author at this point but I hope to solicit articles from my Instructors across the nation and begin to connect the dots on the map so to speak.

For now, I will spend some time addressing favorite topics, entertaining questions I have been asked (please feel free to contact me if you have a question you’d like for me to post) and musing on general topics of interest which resonate with the practice of DoxaSoma.

God’s peace today


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