Apples and Pears

It is difficult to keep from describing DoxaSoma as it relates to the practice of yoga. DoxaSoma is not actually a form of yoga and was not developed with yoga as its template. That being said, the first thing that often comes to mind as we practice DoxaSoma IS the similar movement, the similar look. Because I’m asked so often if DoxaSoma is yoga I thought it made sense to say something about that.

Is DoxaSoma yoga?

Simply put, no.

Someone who practices with me said that it was like “apples and oranges” but I do not agree. I think it more like Apples and Pears.

Similar texture

Similar look

Both come in many variations
Both are a fruit

but they are not the same.

They did not fall from the same tree.

The similarities between yoga and DoxaSoma really stop at the outward appearance. Because I’m a personal trainer I can tell you that the body really only bends a certain number of ways. The best stretches and strength building positions may mean that some positions look similar to yoga positions. It really cannot be helped. That calf stretch is the same no matter what the intention and I’d suggest that it is the intention that makes all the difference. When we move into a position called “Prayer” in DoxaSoma we do it with a very specific intention, using very specific scriptural foundations. We are clear there.

Now, there IS a fruit I purchased one day called an apple pear. There ARE programs which call themselves Christian Yoga. This, however, is not one of them. This is an apple, pure and simple; refreshing, tasty, good for your body.

God’s peace today-



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