Should Christians Do Yoga?

This is a question I have gotten countless times since I began the practice of DoxaSoma. I do have my own opinion of this and I promise that I will share it at some point but until that time I would like to hear YOUR opinion.

If you care to weigh in on this please either post a comment here or better yet, check out our DoxaSoma Forum and place your vote on the new poll!

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5 Responses

  1. Yoga For Kids Can Help A Child Acheive Balance In Their Young Lives

  2. great Peter, way to advertise. lol

    you know I don’t have an opinion on this, but I think it’s interesting that the marital arts have the same debates. There are “christian” martial arts that don’t involve the Asian religious aspects – because Christians were all upset over that.

    I think avoiding anything that puts you in a position of worshipping another god or idol is good, but obviously you can do yoga’s physical movements without worshipping anything right? ;P

  3. I don’t see any problem with Christians doing Yoga. I practice Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga. The Hatha Yoga is for my body and Kryia Yoga is for my soul. If one reads the scriptures there are PLENTY of Yogic concepts in the Bible, as you have shown through DoxaSoma. I am glad that there is a practice like DoxaSoma that focuses on the Western Biblical tradition in the practice of “yoga”, whether it be Physical or Spiritual Yoga.

    Meditation is prayer, prayer is meditation. We all worship the same God.

    I am currently studying the New Testament in Aramaic and it lends a whole new facet of the Words of Jesus and has actually increased my faith in Jesus and God. My practice of Yoga has also done that.

    It’s amazing to realize this and the true meaning of “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…. then all these things shall be given unto you.”

  4. I think there is a danger here in trying to separate the physical aspects of a thing from the spiritual. (You like to do that in the Western Hemisphere) The positions and chants of Yoga (Hindu devotion) are specifically purposed to worship Hindu gods, alter consciousness so as to enter a spiritual realm, or to achieve nirvana (complete detachment from the world, it’s pain and desires-nothingness) None of these ends are beneficial or even desirable for a Christian. As someone who is surrounded by Hinduism day by day, and has seen the spiritual confusion and destruction that Yoga has subtly carried out in unsuspecting non-Hindus, I recommend not engaging in it. You might have found some way of “disinfecting” the practice, of separating the spiritual implications from the physical actions, but why risk it when you have the perfectly worshipful DoxaSoma?

  5. When you know where your foundation is, yoga can be healing and can increase intimacy with the Creator. The passion in your heart and the certainty of what YOU believe is essential. When I do yoga, it is a moving prayer. Some of my most impacting spiritual moments have come as I have moved my body into postures that remind me of my dependency on Jesus and the necessity to direct all of my attention and affection toward Him.

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