What CAN you do?

I speak a lot of “I can’t.”

I can’t get to gym.

I can’t get motivated to work out at home.

I can’t give up my (insert sweet of choice.)


I’m sure I’m not alone in this…yes?  The thing is this…this is the thing…we can spend a lifetime living out “I can’t.”  It’s easy. We barely even need to try.  Our culture supports it fully.  It’s cheaper than the alternative and in this economy who would blame us for not paying out money for a personal trainer or healthy food or a gym membership or a babysitter to attend a class at the community center?

These are investments in ourselves.  Who has the time and money for THAT?

This year, though…I’m realizing that the window is closing for me on “getting back” to where I was even one year ago.  Life crept in.  It filled up my time.  It squandered my money.  It likes it’s Starbuck’s run.

This year let’s use this language together…”What CAN I do?”

I can get on the floor right now and do 10 push ups.

I can take the stairs.

I can make one healthy food choice a day instead of a non healthy food choice.

What CAN you do?

Let’s live there and see how that feels.


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