31 days of praise…

I’ve been working, off and on for the last year on a devotional of sorts. It’s one part devotional, one part daily exercise, one part worship…lots of parts to one whole, like the people who I hope will read it. 

I’m calling it 31 days.  Each day will have one position that will give you, the reader, a spiritual and a physical focus. You learn one position each day, praying through the verse which informs the position and then every 7 days you will have a sequence of movements or a short “doxa” time.  At the end of the 31 days you will have 4 separate “doxa” sequences that may also be linked together and repeated. I’m very excited about the direction it’s taking.  I’m hoping to have a draft ready for the printer in the coming months.  I’ll be sure to let people know via the website and also on the mailing list!

If you’ve not signed up for the mailing list I hope you’ll take a moment to do that.  It’s the best way to know about trainings and upcoming workshops.





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