how many burdens do you pick up each morning as you awake?

sit down, make a list of the burdens you choose each day, the burdens that are chosen for you, the burdens you have no idea how you got but continue to carry anyway…

now, tomorrow morning I’d like you to do something for me, for yourself really…I’d like you to offer them up, each one.

Begin in prayer position, breathe in “In my heart, in my words, in my thoughts…” breathe out, “in all of these I praise you, Lord” as you circle the hands around.

Next, consider your list…move into Throne, draw arms forward to lift the burdens

bend at the elbows

feel the weight of those burdens

lift them up to God

feel yourself being raised up as the burdens are lifted

Do this for each burden, do this several times for EACH burden if it feels particularly heavy…each morning…lift it up.  It makes you stronger to share this load with your Creator.


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