2010 Instructor Training Workshop

We are in the planning stages for our next Instructor Training Workshop.  If you’d like information on this workshop or would like to bring a workshop to YOUR area then please contact us via email


We’d love to accommodate you in any way we can!

The next workshop for Level 1 training will take place in March or April 2010 in Chicago.  We would still very much like to do a Winter Retreat here in Nashville when conditions are right.  We’ll keep you up to date on that!!


2 Responses

  1. Hello Angela, I am delighted to follow your January regimen! All in God’s time and just perfect timing, at that. I really enjoyed Debbi’s comments on “waiting” and waiting with strength. I would welcome the chance to take your spring chicago level I class as I am right up the road now residing in Milwaukee, WI. Single mom, raising a son, Liam. Loving and learning with the Lord every day.

    Karen Moses is here in Milwaukee? OMG! I live here now also, and am coming out of a shell I”ve been in past couple of years….where is she I would love to connect. I attend Church in the City on Downer and reside in Shorewood.

    I have a couple of ladies in the knoxville, TN area who might be good contenders for future course as well…I will now take the honor of sharing your site with them!

    Blessings and may you have an amazing day full of God’s Grace. Lindsey B.

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