Think today about how you move…when you move…how often you move.

What “actions” speak most of your life?

I go up and down the stairs… A LOT… in a given day. (I think this is why I despise the Stairmaster at the gym…bleh.)

I pick up small children and carry them around.

I do the laundry….yes, every day and honestly I question how that is even possible.

I run after the kids. Literally. I often am running after them.

I clean my house.

I stretch…everyday and many times a day. Each time I stretch I really do find a place of rest, reflection and meditation…even if the stretch is only a moment or two.

While I do not do a structured workout every single day of the week I try to get one in at least 3-4x.

How do you move in a given day? Reflect upon that today. How can you move more? How can you gain strength for those movements?

Let’s say this, let’s make this fitness agreement you and I: We’re not going to try to become someone else in our quest to be fit…we’re going to try to support the person we are already and become the best possible version of that person, yes?

Do workouts that support the children you carry, the laundry you do, the long drives and carpooling, the stress of modern life…becoming fit is about supporting you, taking care of you. Choose something today that feels as though it fits that goal.


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