January 4: Sacred

Adding to our upper body stretching and breathing we move into Sacred.

Find a moment in this position to really connect with the verse.  YOU are the temple and YOU are sacred.  We carry this with us.

Begin with Prayer, 3 good breaths.

Move into Prayer breathing, 3 good breaths.

Arms outward to Hope, breathe here, feel that stretch.

From Hope bring both arms to front, crossing at the elbows Left over Right. Breathe and hold.  Bend both arms at the elbows as much as comfortable and then turn hands to face one another.  Palms should not touch each other.

Breathe this verse until it feels real to you…at least 3 good breaths.

”If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.” 1Cor 3:17

Open arms wide to Hope and then do position with arms crossed Right over Left.


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