January 9: Locust

We all have years that have been metaphorically “eaten by the locusts…”  Time we feel we’ve lost, people we feel we’ve failed, things that slipped away…God promises in this verse to restore all that is lost, all that is good.

The position of Locust focuses it’s stretch on the calf muscle for the most part.  This greatly overworked and often overlooked muscle, called the “gastrocnemius” is a powerhouse.  Locust gives this muscle a good long stretch.  This is also a position of balance, which is a good way to begin a new year, yes??

Begin with prayer breathing as you have done each day this month.  Begin in a standing position, hands at the heart, circling through each breath.  Give this three good breaths to get our focus.  After the third, hands to the heart, hinge at the hips and move into Bowing, the position from yesterday.  From here, bend at the knees until you can bring your finger tips to the floor.  You should feel the stretch in the calf muscle at this point.  Find your balance.  Keep your fingertips softly touching the ground or to add intensity you may bring them to your heart in prayer position.

If you feel discomfort in your knees at ALL then bring your fingertips to the floor, widen your stance and/or rock back further on your heels (rather than the ball of the foot.)

To exit the position bring your hands to the floor, straighten the legs and “hinge” back up from the hips (NOT the waist!  Take care of your lower back!)

Breathe the verse, contemplate what needs restoration in you, in your heart, in your life.

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten,  the great locust and the young locust,

the other locusts and the locust swarm  my great army that I sent among you.” Joel 2:25


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