January 10: Hill and Valley

This is by far one of my favorite positions.  It helps to loosen up the entire back area, it feels WONDERFUL!  If you practice yoga you will recognize the movement as perhaps Cat and Dog stretches.  In DoxaSoma we do them together as Hill and Valley.  The verse which informs this position is as follows:

“Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low” Isaiah 40:4  Be sure to breathe this verse as you perform the movement.

We’ll begin standing once again.  Prayer breathing circling through three times.  Hinge to a bow, keeping a soft knee.  Bend at the knees, stopping for a brief moment in Locust then to hands and knees position.  In hands and knees position, with shoulders over hands and hips above the knees, arch back up to create the “hill,” while relaxing the head and neck. Then relax spine into a curve to create the”valley” while lifting head and looking upward. Inhale to the Valley, taking good intentional breaths, exhale up into the Hill, pushing out the old air.

Do this slowly, with purpose, with intention.


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