January 12: Solomon’s Temple

We’ve given the lower back a lot to think about so far this week and hopefully some relief as well!  Solomon’s Temple continues to build on this.  It’s so important to pay attention to your body, in particular it is important to pay attention to your lower back. If you do not, it will let you know in no uncertain terms that it is unhappy!

Your core must be strong and flexible in order for you to MOVE…at all…if your back “goes out” then you are not going anywhere. Today we’ll add Solomon’s Temple to our stretching.

We begin standing and add our Prayer Breathing.  Three times through then we hinge at the hip (never the waist!) and bend at the knee.  Bring hands to the floor as we hold a moment in Locust. Come to hands and knees position and move into Hill and Valley.  Let’s do Hill and Valley just once through, pull back into Elijah and breath here a moment.  Come back forward and lower the body to the prone position, face to the floor. From Prone position press your pelvis into the mat,contract gluteals. Place your hands under the shoulders,palms on mat. Press upper body away from mat keeping your pelvis in contact with the floor. Pay attention to your lower back and only rise up as far as is comfortable.  Lift at the heart and feel the stretch all through the core of your body in the front and the contraction of the muscles of the lower back.  Breathe here.  If you feel ANY pain or discomfort lower your upper body closer to the floor.

“This temple is not

for man, but for the

Lord God.”

1 Corinthians 29:19


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