January 13: Omega

Omega always reminds me of how fragile we all are…how empty we can be.  Omega opens us up to the idea of the greatness of our Creator, the necessity of being open and vulnerable to our God.

We begin standing in prayer, move to prayer breathing, three times circling around.  It should begin to feel natural to you now, use this time to really focus on Him. Hinge at the hip into Bowing, bend at the knee to Locust, moving to hands and knees and regulate your breathing as you move into Hill and Valley.  Pull back from here to Elijah and breathe that, one good inhale, one good exhale.  Your next inhale brings you through to Prone position and with it to Solomon’s Temple. One good breath here then back up to hands and knees.  Pull back to sit on your heels, bring your hands back behind you and open up at the heart, draw your shoulder blades together in the back and bend at the elbows placing your weight on your palms.

You should feel a nice stretch in the “quadriceps” which is the muscle group at the front of the upper leg.  If you don’t feel this stretch then contract your glutes and tilt your pelvis forward a bit. This will engage that muscle group.  If you’re able, begin to raise your body up from the heels and press your pelvis higher.  Keep the elbows soft here!  Do not lock them!

You may bring your chin to your chest or simply lower your head behind you, just be careful when you exit the position to raise your head carefully. It is heavy!  Exit by lowering your body to the heels again, bend at the elbows, bring chin to chest and then come forward to Elijah.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

To him who is thirsty I will give to drink.” Revelation 21:6


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