Lower Body/Core Sequence

Today we will focus on moving through the sequence we’ve done all this past 6 days.  If you’d like you may even begin with the sequence from last week!  You choose how you’d like to move, it builds nicely from week one or it can stand alone just for core and lower body.

The UPPER BODY SEQUENCE is as follows:

Remember to lift at the heart with each breath.  Breath SLOWLY to a count of 4 OR using the phrase:

Inhale: “I will praise You”

Exhale: “Creator, God”

The sequence will be as follows:

Prayer (inhale and exhale)

Prayer Breathing

Inhale 4 counts to Hope, exhale 4 counts.

Inhale arms to Sacred crossing at elbows right over left,  exhale folding arms up and palms facing

Inhale arms 4 counts back to Hope, exhale 4 counts

Inhale 4 counts to Comfort, arms right over left, exhale 4 counts

Inhale 4 counts to Hope, exhale 4 counts

Inhale 4 counts to Messenger, exhale 4 counts

Bring arms back to Prayer and begin the sequence again this time crossing arms left over right.


Prayer Breathing (circle through three times)

Inhale, hinge at hip to Bowing Dove, exhale

Inhale and bend at knees, fingers to floor for Locust, exhale

Inhale to hands and knees position, exhale

Inhale to Valley, Exhale to Hill

pull back to Elijah, one good breath here

Inhale as you pull forward to Solomon’s Temple, exhale

Inhale back up to hands/knees, exhale

Inhale back to Omega, exhale

Inhale back to Elijah and rest here, breathing smoothly.


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