January 17: Trinity

Trinity so naturally follows Psalms that we’ll move right into it today.  Trinity gives a lovely stretch to the hamstring muscle in both the initial form and the more intense version.

Begin with prayer breathing (you may do the upper and lower body stretching sequences first if you’d like to warm up.)

Move into Psalms.  Do both sides at least once through to continue practicing this movement and get the fluidity.  At the end of Psalms straighten the front leg and HINGE from the hip shifting your weight forward as you reach your arms forward into Welcoming.  If you’d like to intensify the position hinge further out and THEN you may fold at the waist, folding over the front leg.  Rest the hands on the ankle or the floor but not directly on the knee joint.  To exit the position bend on the front knee, bring hands to the knee, hinge up at the hip and step the feet together.

With the head folded toward the floor and the hands moving to the floor we once again find ourselves in a position of supplication.  Find a moment to breathe in this, to pray, to surrender to God all that you carry which is heavy.

“Therefore go and

make disciples of all

nations, baptizing them

in the name of the

Father and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit.”

Matthew 28:19


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