January 18: Standing Dove

From Trinity we’ll begin the first in a series of balance positions.  Balance is a valuable skill to cultivate no matter where you are in your journey toward fitness.

Today we’ll practice Standing Dove.  Begin as usual with Prayer Breathing (or with the Chara sequence.)

Move into Psalms, pay attention to the movement and see if you can begin to shift from the mechanical into the sacred.  Finish Psalms with Trinity.  From Trinity shift weight to the front leg, keeping the keep SOFT but firm…not LOCKED or hyperextended.  This allows us control for movement in balance positions.  Bring arms to the Dove position (reaching back, opening at the heart, shoulderblades together.)  Lift at the heart and point the back toe behind the body.  If you are able tighten the glute and raise the back leg.  Be aware of your lower back when raising that back leg.  Do not pinch at the lower back.  If it feels pinched lower the leg or hinge the torso forward a bit.

“Oh, that I had the wings

of a dove! I would fly away

and be at rest.”

Psalms 55:6


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