January 20: Standing Prayer

From the Cross we move into Prayer.  Standing in prayer also tests our balance.  Remember as you do these balance movements to work both sides of the body. Once you finish on the left side begin the sequence of movements again on the right.

Move into Psalms, pay attention to the movement and see if you can begin to shift from the mechanical into the sacred.  Finish Psalms with Trinity.  From Trinity shift weight to the front leg, keeping the keep SOFT but firm. Move into Standing Dove, arms folding back, opening at the heart. Draw the leg forward and lift the knee, keeping the heart lifted and the core firm. Bring hands to the position of “Christ” (arms to the side, palms facing foward) and then once you have your balance bring the arms all the way up to Praise.

Recommit to the position by contracting the abdominals once again, lifting at the heart and drawing the same leg from the back out to the side of the body. Bring hands to the heart. To intensify this position you may move through Prayer Breathing.

“And when you stand praying, if
you hold anything against anyone,
forgive him, so that your Father in
heaven may forgive your sins.”
Mark 11:25


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