January 21: Eagle’s Wings

One of my instructors swears by “Eagle’s Wings.”  She tells me that she feels as though she could actually take flight in this position.  This is so right on. The verse which informs Eagle’s Wings is:

“Yet those who wait for the Lord

will gain new strength;

They will mount up with wings like eagles.
They will run and not get tired.

They will walk and not become weary.”
Isaiah 40:31

What a tremendous promise to us! The key word I’ll give you in this position today is “wait.”  Those who “wait for the Lord.”  The gift of not becoming weary, running and not getting tired, gaining new strength. These are things that come with practice of balance positions.  The more you practice these positions the more strength, steadiness and endurance you will gain.  Take them slowly.  Breathe them deep.  You are doing EXCELLENT work this month!

From Standing Prayer and keeping that soft knee, keeping hands at the heart for centering of the torso, draw the extended leg behind the body.  Keep the leg reaching out, strong and firm. Take a slightly deeper bend in the standing leg, extend arms to Hope and HINGE the torso forward, keeping lower back FLAT, not extended.  Contract at the core and balance the body as you continue to move forward.  If you need some steadying then keep a chair near one of your extended hands.  Do not GRASP the chair, simply place your fingertips there to give a point of support.  The support comes NOT in leaning on the chair but in simply knowing it it there for a point of reference.

Exit the position by hinging back up.


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