January 22: Balance Sequence

Today we will put together the positions we have been practicing all week.  Take them slowly and begin to shift your focus from HOW you move to WHY you move! We move in this way to Praise the Creator!

Begin with breathing and move into Prayer Breathing.  Do three Prayer Breathing circles and then hands to the heart. Lift at the heart as you step back on the left leg for

Psalms, travel the  left arm around to the back of the room and finish facing front bringing the right arm up to meet it as you lift arms in Praise.

Straighten the front leg and hinge forward to


folding then at the waist and breathing here.

Lift up with a flat back, place weight on right leg, bring hands to the heart. Lift at the heart and lift the back leg, arms come to Dove.

For Standing Dove

Breathe here, one good breath as you release the arms, hands to the heart. Bring back leg forward for

Standing Cross

Hands to Christ position and lift the front leg higher, arms reach up for Praise.

Hands to the heart. Release leg to the side for:

Standing Prayer

Circle the arms through Prayer Breathing. Hands to the heart, travel the leg behind you as you lift into

Eagles Wings

Maintain good form in Eagles Wings for one good breath (at least!) and then release the leg.

Come back to Standing. Prayer Breathing three times and then do the other side.

Focus on what needs your attention in your life, what requires balance?


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