January 23: Stone Table

This week we begin core work.  Your core consists of the band of muscles around your midsection as well as you gluteal muscles. If you are strong in your core then you will be less prone to injury in daily activities.  Core work is vital to your overall fitness.

We’ll start with Stone Table.  From Elijah move forward into a “push up” position.  Straighten the legs and tighten at the glute. Press your shoulder blades together so that you maintain a nice flat back.  Keep a slight bend in the elbows, do not lock them! Imagine the crown of your head pointing toward the wall in front of you for proper neck position.  Breathe here, contracting at the abdominals and glute.  Just when you think you cannot hold the position any longer recommit to the position and give it one more good, intentional breath.  Drop the knees to the mat and move back into Elijah for rest.


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