January 25: Holy Ground

Holy Ground is a position of Strength.  Do this slowly and with great reverence.  See yourself kneeling before the Creator, the Almighty God! Bow down before Him in this position.

From Tent move back to Stone Table for a moment and drop the knees to the mat. From here come forward into a sort of modified push up. Moving slowly, forehead to the floor and rise back up.  Do this sequence slowly, several times.  Stone Table to Tent to Stone Table to Holy Ground. Inhale as you begin each movement. Exhale whilst in the position. You may increase the intensity by lifting one leg straight out behind you in Holy Ground.

“Do not come any closer,” God said.

“Take off your sandals,

for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

– Exodus 3:5


One Response

  1. And, as we learned through Moses’ story during the recent DoxaSoma retreat….. this strength comes as we put aside the preoccupations with self, the distractions of others, and the intimidation of our circumstances in order to be totally present to the presence of Almighty God on Holy Ground. So, what are those things – preoccupations, distractions, intimidating circumstances – that sap your strength? While in Holy Ground, ask the Great I AM to fill you full of Himself, crowding out those things and giving you renewed strength in Him.

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