January 29: Harp

The response we have to the Alpha in our midst is joy.  We consider David, dancing before God as we move from Alpha into Harp.  Once again we engage the front side of the core muscles…mainly the abdominal muscles but your entire body is working together to create this visual representation of the Harp.

From Alpha, lower the body back down, bring head carefully back to chest if you’ve dropped it behind you.  Fold body into “Sacrifice” to gain your balance and even out your breathing. Release the hands from the front of the knees and keeping the body tucked tightly in, lift at the heart and begin to straighten your legs.  If you feel you are losing your balance wait a moment and regain that then move into straightening the legs again.  Bring hands to gasp ankles and assist in lengthening out. Stretch at the arms, as if your arms are the strings of your Harp.  Head is aligned with the body and heart is lifted!

It will be difficult to keep even breathing but work at it, expanding with each breath.

“Awake, my soul!

Awake, harp and

lyre! I will awaken

the dawn.”

Psalm 57:8


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