Spring Retreat at Village Creek!

Hope you guys will check out the latest offering from Village Creek.  The Spring DoxaSoma Retreat will be held April 23-25th, 2010.  You may register online here:


The weekend will be comprised of five regular DoxaSoma segments plus two

optional “early-risers” sessions. Multiple sessions will be offered during most time

slots, giving participants the opportunity to design a personal experience from

choices of focal points/themes, experience levels, and instructors.

Whether this is your introduction to DoxaSoma or you are a seasoned practitioner, you will find something suited to your needs and interests.

Other Activities

Village Creek Bible Camp provides a wide variety of activities to round out your

retreat experience. Some options to consider:

􀀀 Hiking

􀀀 Beading ($)

􀀀 Card-making

􀀀 Board games

􀀀 Volleyball

􀀀 Afternoon tea ($)

􀀀 Zip Line ($)

􀀀 Trail rides ($)

􀀀 Trapshooting ($)

The retreat cost is an incredible $75 which includes your housing, meals and snacks.  It has traditionally been a wonderful time of reflection and rejuvenation.  Please look into attending!


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