give me twenty…

I have this new technique I’ve employed in my parenting lately. It’s called the “cause and effect” strategy. I’ve told my children that each time they say ‘I’m bored!” they have to take a time out. There are no “ifs” “ands” or “buts” just have a seat and wait. It’s working pretty well actually but then again, as I’ve said before in my parenting rants, everything works for 5 minutes.

This does give me pause, however. I wonder how many things I say without thinking…how many things
I complain about in the spirit of “I’m bored” that I need to really wrench out of myself.

I made this joke the other day with someone that each time I wanted to complain about my body I was going to just drop to the floor and do twenty pushups. Today, though…I’m thinking maybe it’s not a joke. I may have actually hit upon something. This is my challenge this Lent. I’m giving up idle statements and I’m sacrificing on behalf of those idle statements. Each time I say something in complaint about my body in particular I am going to drop and do twenty push ups, sit ups, squats or wall presses.

I’m inviting you to do the same. Find a phrase or a reason for the action and then take it. Let’s take charge of our thinking this Lent, huh?


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  1. Wow! I love the idea!

    I always took a boredom complant as an opportunity to add additional work but I’m glad my Heavenly Father doesn’t do that to me. Instead, He pushes me through to either the stillness I need or to asking to do the good things He has prepared n advance for me to do. That is a convcting thought-have I adequately planned good things for them to do? One of the most convicting pictures I have ever seen was the momma duck walking her peeps across an open sewer grate.

    Enough conviction. I’m up for 10 doves for every idle body word or thought.

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