wisdom in the body…

All day I walk around going about the business of my life and as time wears on I feel it on my shoulders. I catch myself in the mirror and see the slumped over version of my self. I’m tired. Worn down. Weary.  I chide myself to stand up straight, to toughen up but when I go inside and ask my body what it needs it asks me to lay down a moment.  I don’t want to nap, I don’t nap well. I don’t think that is what my body wants either in that moment so I lay flat on the ground on my back.  The floor feels good against my weary upper back. I feel it sink into the floor releasing the weight it’s been carrying all day, all week, all month.

As I breathe I ask again, “what do you need?” and my body tell me it needs Wisdom.  Wisdom in it’s inverted form is one of my favorite positions of DoxaSoma and I take any chance I get to move into this position.  In this moment I put aside my to do list, all of my objections…I put it aside and move into Wisdom. I bring my knees to my chest and breathe there a moment, feeling the lower back relax and come into alignment. I roll my knees to my forehead and support my lower back with my hands I breathe this.  My upper back sighs deeply, muscle sore, massaged by the firm ground.  I contract my abs, tuck my chin and straighten my legs as I am able, always supporting my lower back with my hands.

Here, in Wisdom I sit and I wait. I breathe in the pressure on the knots in my back, I breathe into the space opened up in my lower back.  This is a waiting place.  A place to listen to what my body tells me.  In this moment, my body tells me how it needs to move, what it needs for rest.  Today it needs Wisdom and I am inclined to meet that need.

What is your body telling you today?  What does your body need?


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