Think for a moment today of the person you are. So often we think about the different “compartments” of us…the mind, the body, the spirit…but today take a moment as you move through your life and tell youself, remind yourself that you are not a house but a garden.

Each part of our selves is intricately connected to the next. Ps 139 speaks of God “knitting” us together in our mother’s womb. All parts of us are knitted together, not just the physical building of us but the totality of us.

My challenge to you this week is to take one small thing you do each day and expand your view of it. If you make breakfast everyday then in the making of it view the physical act of the cooking, how you feel about that emotionally in that moment and what your soul speaks to you as you perform that task.
What is your body doing?
What are feeling in it?
What does your soul speak?

Expand your view and begin to put together the pieces of this garden again, let the cross pollination that is required for a healthy, growing life to be recognized and nurtured.


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