Take a moment and think about your heart…where it resides in your body, physically…

Put your hand on where you judge your heart to reside.  As you hold your hand here close your eyes and breathe. Feel the rise and fall of your chest with each breath. It’s miraculous, this small act of breathing.  So much depends on your heart.  Everything depends on your heart, in fact.

When I cue DoxaSoma participants I say over and over before we start a position…

lift at the heart.

With your hand still here, on your heart I want you to do just that. Lift from here.  What does that feel like? Where else do you feel that in your body?  Does this bring anything up for you on an emotional level?

EVERY movement you make…EVERY movement should begin this way, lifting at the heart.  On a physical level it puts you back into right relationship with every other part of your body.  On a SPIRITUAL level it opens you up to your Creator.  An open heart is essential, it is vital.  It does, however, make you vulnerable…having an open heart can be scary which is why I believe, on a physical level we protect it by hunching our shoulders forward, leaning over, tightening up.

The reality of the Gospel means that we can have that open heart. We can lift from here. We are no less vulnerable to injury because of our faith, we are simply more prone to healing.

Lift at the heart today. All day. Let it be a reminder about who you are in Him.


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