winter retreat…

I have to tell you that as I type this update for our winter retreat I am filled with a great deal of love. I’ve been to the canyon and the canyon was good…as it were. 🙂  I spent the weekend in a lovely place, you can see it here:

Laity Lodge

I hope you’ll go there (the site) and then I hope you’ll go there (the place.) I’ll post about the rumblings in my spirit on that another day but suffice it to say before I move into “business” that I am filled with a great deal of love and it’s all for you, whether I know you in life or not. So there’s that.

Our winter retreat is shaping up BEAUTIFULLY, folks. I am praying for the people who are coming in November, even if you have not yet registered.  I am praying for presence of spirit, body and mind. I am praying for support of finances, faith and community. I am praying for what God has for us all there. I think, between us, it’s going to be awesome, seriously.

Lyric Springs has the hot tub up and running for those cold November nights and I’m getting workshops and massage appointments set up…let’s do this thing.

REGISTER NOW though, I’m only taking 12 participants this first time at Lyric Springs. You can go here to register:

Winter Retreat

and you can see more information on the location here:

Lyric Springs


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