I have prayed, quite fervently at times, over the last 20 years for God to send me a mentor.  I have the list of her qualities well considered in my brain.  Intelligent, mother with grown children, wise, faith filled, direct, honest, kind…the list is quite a bit longer than this but you get the picture.

Over the years many really amazing women have crossed my path and each time I’ve considered asking for their mentoring.  I know this is something I need.  Each time, though I seem to find some reason they are not “the person” and I move on.

Recently I met a woman who is amazing, like so many amazing women in my life.  This time, though, I did not hesitate, I just asked for her help.  When I composed the letter asking for her mentoring it suddenly occurred to me, God has been faithful…I have not.

It’s like that old joke about the man drowning in the ocean who prays for God to save him.  A helicopter comes and the man says, “no, God will save me.” A boat comes by and he says, “No, God will save me.”  Then he drowns.  When he meets God in heaven he says, “God, why didn’t you save me?” and God says, “What? I sent a helicopter and a boat!”

God has sent a remarkable number of women to me.  It is I who have rejected His hand picked mentors for me.  I recognize this now as arrogance.  It was not until I was writing the words to ask for help from this mentor that I realized that.  I confessed this to her immediately.  It is humbling.  I’ve been struggling along for so many years, dragging my old baggage behind me on a dusty road.  Each person along the road who has offered to help me carry that bag has been a mentor and a fellow traveller.  I see that now.  I hope that I will not forget that soon.


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