quiet time…

I confess, I’ve never been much of a “morning person.” I loved the night. I stayed up late and in the quiet I would find time to listen for God’s voice. It was settling and centering for me. Now that I am the parent of 4 I find that staying up late no longer holds the allure it once had. Perhaps that is not entirely accurate. Perhaps it still holds just as much allure and yet I am unable to make good on the pursuit of that night time quiet.

For a long time I tried to cram my time of quiet into the day around me. In between minor disasters and sibling rivalries and school work and house work and paying work. For a long time I neglected to give space to the quiet, give space to the listening of God’s voice.

Frankly, one of the things I love most about teaching DoxaSoma classes is that I have been able to have that quiet, that listening. When I’m not teaching though I’m absent this and I feel it. I need the practice of prayer, not merely the petitioning that comes throughout the day; the moments Anne Lamott would name as “help me, help me, help me” and “thank you, thank you, thank you” types of prayers.  I need the practice of being quiet, listening, hearing what He has for me. I make time for this daily practice. I give it it’s own space in my day, in my life.

One might compare the need of the practice of prayer to say, a daily workout but I’d take it a bit further than that. I’d say the practice of prayer is akin to our need to MOVE. It’s not just the need to eat HEALTHY food, it’s the need to EAT. Can you survive without moving in a day? Sure.  Can you survive without eating? For a while. I submit that the decision to set aside time to sit in the quiet and listen for God is not icing on the cake…it’s the cake…and the meal and the wine.

Make time today for the quiet. It is not an add on to your day, it is the center of your day.


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