There is a lot of talk about the “reason for the season” this time of year. That’s understandable. We’ve lost SO much around this season.  We’ve lost a lot of ground, a lot of earth, a lot of compassion and love and rest.

Today, though…let’s regain something.  It’s not what you think. I’m going to ask you to start with love…as I often ask…in this case, though, I’m going to ask that you start with your own self, your own body, your own commitment to the One who made you.

We cannot reach out until we reach in and up…find God in the making of you. How wonderful to have a Creator who loves and cares for you. How wonderful is that?  How amazing and miraculous that He would come to us in human form?  It is not enough to say that He became of us…when in fact, He began us, He did not merely put on a human body when Jesus came, as one would put on an article of clothing. A body does not come from a machine…it is GROWN.

So, you see…what Jesus did so long ago was to accept the body, grow into it, grow with it, nourish it, embrace it.  In becoming flesh, Jesus models for us the value of the flesh, the reason we exist as we do NOW.  Our bodies do not move us FURTHER from God…not on their own.  Our choices do that. When we treat our bodies as if they are evil, bad, wrong…what do we say about God as creator, Jesus as brother, Spirit as resident?

This season, start there. Start with the body given to you. The body that was grown inside your mother, the body was made to be yours, made to become you. Don’t give into the temptation to push it aside, embrace that body today, as one more connection made between you and the Creator…that connection made manifest in the coming of the Christ child.


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