It is easy to get caught up in the “have to do” list that hitches a ride on the reality of this season. The typical holiday “have to do” list did not start at the site of the incarnation…although, as I consider it, there was a a list that began that day.  It’s such an ordinary list in some ways. It’s the list all parents inherit when a child comes into the world.  The arrival of a brand new person into the world means new responsibility, new joy, new struggles, new hope. This part of the Messiah story is familiar to most of us, even to those who are not parents at this time in their lives.  We know what it feels like to begin something new, to be introduced to the next phase of our lives, get to know it, understand how it changes us, encourages us, stretches us.

As we get closer to the celebration of the arrival of Christ let’s take a moment to consider what gift incarnation brings us in our own lives. What took shape and form this year for you? What changed your daily story? Where did it move you?  Where did it stretch you? How did it break your heart and how did it heal you?


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