I have homework for you as the New Year begins. I would like to have you do this every single day.




Do this every single morning, first thing.  If you cannot do this first thing then look at your schedule. What do you need to sacrifice to make this happen?  Consider making that sacrifice for one month.

Prayer, obviously is first. It can be as long or as short as you would like. In any case, focus your prayer NOT on petition but on PRAISE.  Let your prayers be words of worship for the One who made you. Assume that He knows your needs and desires for this short time in the morning and rise with words of joy and gratitude.

Move, any way possible…stretch, DoxaSoma, walk, workout….whatever fits you.

Write, write it all down. Write as much or as little as you feel led but write something every day, even if it is one word.

You might question my putting movement in between prayer and writing…doesn’t writing follow better after prayer?


I want to see you get into your body, not take it outside of your prayer life and your emotional life. It walks with you in prayer, it breathes with you in emotional matters. Let’s try placing movement between heart and head and see where it takes us.

Ready? Go.


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