I’ve been considering anger quite a lot lately. I used to describe myself as an “even keel” sort of person who developed a temper after having children.  It’s not with any sense of pride that I would make that description. As much as I was reaching for humor I may have hit deeper in me, this sense of unexpressed anger.


I know that I have shown anger in the past, I thought I’d been able to express it in good ways. Now, though, I’m waking up with sore muscles, stiff neck and headache. I immediately looked to physical issues to explain this, getting x-rays and hearing diagnoses of the structural problems in my neck.

The thing that kept coming back to me over and over however was that this was not a strictly physical issue.  I knew, deep in my soul, that this had it’s roots outside of my mere physiology.

Reading a book by Dr. John Sarno called “Healing Back Pain” I found some well needed insights. He maintains that it is stored tension, anger in fact, that brings the pain.  We may have structural issues, yes, but it’s the fear, the stress, the doubt, that makes it painful.

When I read this I could almost hear my body sigh in agreement. It’s both terrifying and freeing to consider this. The questions I ask myself most around this is easy, am I ready to give up my need for this pain in order to look at my anger, my stress, my tension?  I believe I am, I pray that I am ready.

In the days leading up to the DoxaSoma Winter Retreat I am exploring this with great interest and enthusiasm. I’m hoping to be able to direct us on that weekend toward the safe release of this tension, this anger through DoxaSoma.

Today, I’m going to give you a heads up, though, no pun intended.

Looking at the position of Sacred:

From sitting position stretch arms to Hope. Bring them both in toward

center of body crossing at the elbows and fold at elbows. Turn palms to face

one another. Breathe in here then drop ear toward left shoulder and let the tension release. Inhale, head back to center then drop ear toward the right shoulder. Breathe here until the tension releases. Come back to center with the head then tilt chin upward, head goes back (keep this controlled, not dropping) breathe there giving time for the tension to release, inhale head back to the center and bring chin forward to chest, allowing the head to come forward. Again, wait for the release of the tension.

Do this slowly, giving yourself time.

AS YOU BREATHE, ask God to reveal to you what is stored in this tension.  As you encounter the fear and the doubt and perhaps even the anger, breathe into that stretch the living Word of God…

“If anyone destroys God’s

temple, God will destroy him;

for God’s temple is sacred,

and you are that temple.”

1 Corinthians 3:17



2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I’m new to doxasoma and I am very excited about it. I just noticed though that a quotation of 1 Corinthians 3:17 underneath a pose called “Sacred” misquotes the verse. The verse should read “for God’s temple is sacred and together you are that temple”.

    I appreciate the focus on our bodies as temples of the Living God. I do not like, though, subtle changes in biblical texts to fit our ideas.

    • Hello Monica! Thank you so much for your thoughts. The translation I generally use for my positions is NIV. In this translation the verse is stated as above.

      My understanding of that verse still fits with the point I think you are making…that we together as a body of believers are that temple. The “you” refers not merely to one person but to us all, as a community of faith. Is this your thought as well?

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