Ten is a good number. We’re starting with ten, you and I. If you do nothing right now, as it pertains to physical, regimented exercise that may mean nothing. You may be fit in any case, you may be perfectly content. If you are not, however, there may be a deeper issue at hand.

I’m a parent, I completely understand how time gets sucked into the vortex labeled “everyone elses needs.” I’ve had a full time, career type job. Same vortex, only this one has a paycheck attached, which, may even make it more likely you’ll give up your own time willingly.

Ask yourself these questions today…
“Am I worth the time to take care of my body?”
“Do I consider myself worthy of care?”

I hope that you answer “yes” and I think that you would naturally answer in this way. Underneath, though, we often do not believe this is true. Look at your goals, your hopes….and now look at your actions. Spending time on yourself whether it’s an hour at the gym or 10 minutes on the floor in DoxaSoma movements is an investment in you. Without that investment the person of you gets weak, tossed aside, run down.

Use ten minutes, at LEAST ten minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY to make this investment. It’s vital, you’re worth it!!


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