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I’ll wager that you know a great deal more about fitness and what it takes to be healthy than you might let on.

I’ll wager that although you hunger for some easy answer, some quick fix, some miracle changer you’ll be the first to admit that the real way to move toward wholeness, healthy living and a fit lifestyle is slow, steady, persistent commitment to change.

Let’s sit down and take inventory about what you know, what you really and truly know about how to life a life of health and integrity.  Write it down.


What do you notice about your body after you eat?

Are there certain foods after which you feel poorly, on a physical level?

Are there certain drinks after which you feel poorl, on a physical level?

What is at risk for you to take these foods out of your diet for even a short time?


I personally believe that everyone has a “sport” or way of moving that fits them, that enriches and nourishes them.  Have you discovered your “sport” yet?

What have you tried?

What have you loved?

What have you loathed?

What have you been drawn to but afraid to try?

What is at risk for you to move into the fear and pursue that?


If you are “stuck” or “overwhelmed” what would it require for you to move forward anyway toward health?

If you answer, “I don’t know” then what if you DID know? Envision what it is that stops you from pursing health and wellness?

The more you know about yourself and in particular the way you are wired the better the chances that you will actually make a long term change toward the good. One very widely held stumbling block to health, especially in women is the idea of “worth.” Am I worth the time it takes to go and workout?  Am I worth spending a little extra on groceries for the better, healthier choice? Am I worth the work it will take to be stronger, healthier, fitter?

I am giving you some homework:

First, if you have not kept a food journal lately I’d like you to keep one now, for at least one week. A month is better because you’ll see patterns over a longer period of time.

Second, if you were able to pinpoint movement that nourishes you I’d like you to find at LEAST three ways to do that movement on a regular basis. If it’s weight training you love then find a way to do that at home, at a gym (or community center,) outside, with friends…whatever occurs to you. Give yourself A LOT of options!

If you have NOT discovered your “sport” take this month to try new things. If there’s a coupon for a class you’ve had an interest in, take it. If you have a friend who does something that interests you, tag along. Try something new and look for what fits.

Third, along with your food journal I’d like you to keep track of your feelings, your prayer life, your thought life…side by side…in the food journal. Not many of us actually eat only for sustenance alone. Detail anything of interest that comes to mind around the food and the exercise, really whatever comes to you for the next week to a month.

You already know so much about the path to fitness…it’s time to integrate that head knowledge with your spirit and your body. It’s time, friend.


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  1. Another great post, Angela! I tweeted and shared. 🙂

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