oh, Chicago…here we come!

Join us in Chicago, IL for a two day instructor Training Workshop!! 

The hours for this Workshop are
Saturday May 21 8am-4pm
Sunday May 22 9am-4pm

This year we have changed our training schedule so that we could open up the sessions to people who may want to deepen their practice (or BEGIN a practice!) as well as those who plan to teach DoxaSoma.

For this reason we will have a number of options for participation and cost levels for this workshop:

Certification Level $220 This level is geared toward the participant who wishes to become certified as an Instructor. All sessions are required and follow up mentoring is included. This training includes the DoxaSoma instructor Manual.

Re-certification Level $110 This level is geared toward the participant who has already taken the Level 1 certification training but has not finished their training within 2 years of their initial workshop. They may retake the training at the reduced cost. This training does not include DoxaSoma instructor Manual. Replacement manuals are available at an additional cost of $20. (color manual $30.)

Current Instructor Level $35 per day This level is only open to Current Certified Instructors of DoxaSoma. This workshop satisfies the yearly CEC requirement for DoxaSoma Instructors.

Day Pass $75 per day This pass is best suited for someone who’d like to pick and choose sessions which hold the greatest interest for them or who choose to only come one of the two days of the workshop. These sessions will not count toward certification. Manuals are available for purchase at an additional cost of $20.

We have a great lineup of sessions. Some examples are:

Session: Opening Session/Class
(90 min)
This session covers the origins of DoxaSoma, gives introductions of it’s developer, Angela Doll Carlson and will open the Workshop weekend with a DoxaSoma class that aims to open communication with your body while offering praise of your Creator.

Session: Understanding the DoxaSoma Body
(60 minutes)
In this session we will explore Basic Anatomy and Physiology so that we can better understand the remarkable creation of the human body. We will cover the principles of strength training (how muscle is built) and flexibility training (how muscle flexibility is gained)

Session: Building a DoxaSoma Practice (Deep Stretch)
(45 minutes)
In this session we will spend time examining the deep stretches DoxaSoma classes and individual practices can offer that is vital to muscle balance and recovery as well as stress relief.

Session: Building a DoxaSoma Practice (Basic Positions)
(60 minutes)
In this session we explore “transitional” movements in DoxaSoma, moving positions, rest positions and arm positioning. We will also cover the basic guidelines for safe movement in DoxaSoma practice.

More information will be available at http://www.doxasoma.com/


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