We’re beginning the season of Lent this week, a season of sorrow and deep joy. It sounds like an unlikely pairing, doesn’t it?

Thinking on it though, consider this…we are really only capable of the deep sorrow because we first own that deep joy. Without the joy there is no place for grief. We grieve out of the loss, out of the pain…the joy in there, still, always…waiting.

This time of Lent offers us a chance to experience the real and true gift of sacrifice. We can choose to do so with a fast…we can choose a traditional fast of some food or drink item…or we can “give up” something else, something which we have put in the God’s place too often, without even realizing it.

What is it we put into that place, the one we ought to reserve for God? What earthly thing do we pick to FILL us, something tangible, some action or some thought…

Consider today…what you need to sacrifice…where you can MAKE ROOM for God to fill you this Lenten season.


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  1. I’ve really thought about what to do for Lent. Instead of giving up anything, I am going to be meditating on scripture more. Sitting with a passage for a while, starting with the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4.

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