loving the body…

I have a number of “diet” books on my shelves. I buy most books that friends or clients tell me they are trying.  I don’t buy them to “follow” the diet but rather to follow the logic or the plausibility of the diet. Generally, I don’t diet.  I do fast, I’m all about that but only if the fast has a spiritual leading rather than a weight loss or even a mere physical cleansing.

As I look through the diet books on my shelves one thing occurs to me. I want to give you the very best advice I can possibly give you where “diets” are concerned. When you find a book in which the first line is something like the following then you should buy and follow it:

“The goal of this book is to help you love your body.” That is a book worth buying and an eating plan worth following.

Anything and everything you do for your body should BEGIN this way.

Consider this, your body is the first person you were responsible to care for…you really are solely responsible for the caretaking of this person and for as long as you’re capable of it, you will be your body’s sole caregiver. If we think of our body in THIS way when we begin to think about losing weight how does that change the way we approach this as a goal? Does it change it at all?

The goals of “losing weight” or “firming up” are not bad ones. They’re just a bit short sighted in my estimation. If we begin with a goal of loving our bodies, where they are RIGHT NOW and move from there we do actually start to see things differently.  Maybe some of the desperation subsides, maybe some of the self doubt ebbs away, maybe we take better CARE of our bodies and in so doing we become healthier, fitter, stronger. When we treat the people around us well we see that reflected back to us, the ol golden rule….do unto others as you would have them do unto you…apply that first to your body, to YOU and see where it takes you.


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