Southern hospitality…

Who loves Nashville in the early Fall?

Everybody. It’s awesome this time of year. The heat breaks and the trees sway with a sweet autumn breeze. Everything stays green in Nashville, pretty much all year round, which is one of the many reason I’ve loved living here!

As I make plans to move with my family back up north to the great land of Chicago I am appreciating as often as I’m able the wonderful gift of this city, this weather, these people. I’m feeling truly thankful these days!

One thing we’re working on for this fall while I’m still local is to have an Instructor Training/Workshop in the area. The date we’re considering is the weekend of September 17th. It’s our usual 2 day Instructor Training with an open format so that we can welcome people who do not wish to be certified but would like to just attend an individual session or perhaps one day of the 2 day event.

We want to hear from you on this! If you have an inclination to attend in any capacity at all I hope you’ll drop us a line via email ( or via comments here or our facebook page!

Looking forward to your thoughts.



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