As I consider the idea of putting trust in the body we have I am reminded that while we need to have a dialogue with this body, really, the trust in the Creator more important than it is in the creation.

I have a friend who is having her first baby. I was thinking about the idea of childbirth, reflecting on the 4 labors which led to my 4 children being born…the labors of friends I had the honor of attending…the stories I’ve heard of women bringing their children into the bright and heavy world…and I feel a number of things: awe, love, peace, sometimes outrage, sometimes sadness, sometimes fear…but always I am impressed with the creation, the process of birth. And this points me directly to the Creator and I’m moved to praise.

Walt Wangerin once said in a talk I’d had the pleasure to hear that, “All creations exist to praise their creator.”  And this felt true and right to me. Being a part of the birth process I know this is true, I feel this.

And this is why when we feel broken- physically or emotionally or spiritually we may blame ourselves…and we may really question our Creator. “Why am I broken? Why am I made this way?”

This is an old question, an ancient struggle…and noble too.

Being able to identify our brokenness, to name it and ask that question of the Creator is vital. It won’t “fix” us, we may yet die of cancer….we may never stop the addiction….we may never reach the health goal we want. This life, is life AND death…it is health AND sickness. I don’t like that part very much but perhaps that’s the gain. Leaning into healthy, leaning into questioning, leaning into the struggle…this is the point, this is the process. Remember, our lives are not reduced to a laundry list of what we did from birth to death but rather what kind of people we were. When we choose to daily embrace the body we have every single day we affirm that truth. We become, day by day, the people we most to be and we support in every small measure of healthy choice, the body we want most to have.

So today and every day- look at the brokenness, mend what you can mend and affirm whatever is good and true and beautiful. This is praise for the Creator.


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