Advent Reflections: Day Six

I believe that I shall see the bounty of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Wait for the LORD with courage;
be stouthearted, and wait for the LORD.

Ps 27:13-14

This is a season of waiting and that brings with it an air of expectancy. Because what we wait for is a joyous event it often feels difficult to stay in that expectant place. Often we find ourselves falling into anxiousness. We find all the reasons possible to speed the process of waiting. We choose the path of least resistance. We choose to be distracted by bright lights and the trappings of the consumeristic part of this season of the year. Waiting can be a way to build ourselves up, a way to test our steadfastness but it can also be an occasion for rest.

Our position today is called “Waiting” and on a physical level it hits those muscles in the back of the leg, thigh and deep into the gluteus that can only be stretched effectively by adopting the position and breathing into the stretch. This position is most effective when we take time with it, when we move through it, when we spend time doing nothing else but focusing on this overworked and under-appreciated muscle system.


Begin with your legs in a “stacked” position, one foot in front of the other. Place hands on the mat before you and lift at the heart. Begin slow and deep breathing and as you feel the muscle release walk the hands forward, hinging at hips and lifting at the heart to engage the stretch again.


Once you have gone as far as you’re able with a flat lower back you may contract at the abdominals and fold at the waist, forehead toward the mat. You should feel the stretch change to your lower back. This should be a restful position. When you have taken a few good breaths here walk your hands back up til you are upright, switch your legs so that the other foot is now in front and repeat this position.

Breathe here and contemplate this time of “waiting.” What is it specifically that you feel you are waiting for? Can you find a way to anchor yourself in this?


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