Advent Reflections: Day 17

Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel,
who alone does wondrous deeds.
And blessed forever be his glorious name;
may the whole earth be filled with his glory.

Ps 72: 18-19

We are in a season of gifts, of giving, of celebration and yet many of us find ourselves at odds with this celebratory mood. We find that we are troubled, we are anxious, we are worried. We see the world around us and miss the wonder setting instead in favor of the fear. In this season of gifts, of giving, of celebration it is easy to let ourselves drift along with the current and when tributaries branch off into doubt and anxiety we drift willingly there too. We scold ourselves for overeating, overdrinking, thinking too much about the pitfalls and not enough about the beauty surrounding us.

Today, find your anchor again. If you have trouble connecting to something lasting, something that anchors you in this season, choose words from our verse above, words like blessed, wondrous, glorious. Can you trust today that His glory surrounds you, even when you cannot see it clearly? Even when you cannot feel it’s warmth on your skin?



Our position today is called “Bowing.” Coming from Harvest you will step your feet together, keep a slight bend at the knee (soft knee) and bring your hands into “Prayer.” Contract your abdominals, lift at the heart and then hinge forward at the hips. To intensify this you continue to hinge forward as far as you can go with a flat lower back. Remember to keep your abs engaged and heart open. Breathe this, slowly, with intention. If you’d like you can contract your abdominals and fold at the waist to engage the lower back stretch. To exit from there bring your hands to the top of your thigh, flatten your back and then hinge back to your starting position. You may cycle through your standing positions today to build up to this if you’d like more movement.


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