New website and expanded blog!

We love our readers here on our wordpress blog. It’s been a long and wonderful road and we’re so thankful for you, our readers and subscribers!

DoxaSoma has spent the last year expanding and revamping all kinds of things- our workshops, our manual, our positions cards, our website and now our blog as well!

We’ll still post things here from time to time and of course the archived material will stay here for as long as WordPress is glad to host it but we’ll be posting new information for the most part, on our new website!

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out. We look forward to seeing you on the new site and blog 🙂

You can find it here:

Doxasoma- The Daily Practice


Vintage Remedies: Essentials…

In an age where navigating healthy living is more and more confusing…backroads, dead ends and sideshow attractions are the norm and straight roads become obscured as quickly as they are cleared.

This is the time to begin to share excellent resources, friends!!  I invite you to let me know when you find strong and solid roads to wellness so that we can all share in their goodness.

One such road is brought to you by Vintage Remedies, an organization focused on sensible health, not fads or gimmics.  I’m in the middle of Jessie Hawkins’ book, “Real Food” at the moment and plan to write a detailed review soon but in the meantime I invite you to check out their newly launched site Vintage Remedies:Essentials.

A closing bit of info today…Jessie will be coming to our DoxaSoma Nashville Retreat in February to talk about wellness and rest!  If you have not yet signed up we have space available for the day pass.  We would LOVE to have you join us!



At His Feet…

Do you know what I love about Facebook?  I get to “meet” new friends I may never have met before.  This is how I met my real life friend Amanda Keane who now works with At His Feet Ministries.  Amanda Keane is actually real life friends with Kristina Collins who runs At His Feet Ministries.  Sadly, I am still only a FB friend of Kristina but I hope to get the honor of meeting her in person to rectify that!

If you’ve never heard of At His Feet and you are a lover of DoxaSoma then you really need to spend some time getting to know Kristina Collins.  I think it’d be an excellent fit.

pun intended.

Check them out.

At His Feet Ministries

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