Advent devotions…

It’s that time of year again…we are in a state of preparation. As Christians this is a good time, this season of waiting and hope, to get our focus right. It can be hard to get and keep that focus of the coming of Christ! There are so many things to distract us.

You can help to set and keep the focus by downloading our new eBook, DoxaSoma: Daily Practice of Advent. Follow along with us each day, breathing and finding that focus.

You can get your copy by clicking below and begin your practice at any time!

Daily Practice of Advent


World Yoga Month

January is World Yoga Month. You might see tags on twitter for #WoYo as a trending topic. People who participate in World Yoga Month commit to do just 10 minutes of yoga each day for the month of January.

I’ve decided that I’ll start #WoDo or World DoxaSoma Month. Each day on this blog I will post one position that you can practice for your 10 minutes. You can build on these positions and begin to make your own “Doxa” sequences as well. Choose some music that you can use to focus your breathing and your thoughts on your Creator and join us for 10 minutes of Doxa each day!!

Post here throughout the month your thoughts on how a daily practice is feeling for you.

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