Online classes are HERE!

Doxafit is very excited to partner with PowHow so that we can bring you online DoxaSoma classes!

At the moment, we’re rolling out a series of “morning stretch” classes from Founder/Master Trainer Angela Doll Carlson but we hope to give you a full complement of classes you can try in the coming months.

We need your help, though. Tell us what you need! Times/Days/Style/Length.

We’re listening!

Take a moment to weigh in here…and in the meantime, feel free to check out the FAQ list that we’ve compiled about taking online DoxaSoma classes:

Some FAQs about taking a DoxaSoma class online-

1)Do I have to live in Chicago?
NO! If you have an internet connection you can take the class!

2)Isn’t this just like watching a video or DVD of the class?
NO! This is better. If you have a webcam either external or in the computer we can actually see and hear each other as well. The instructor is available to give real time feedback on positioning, focus, questions…anything!

3)Do I HAVE to use a webcam?
Absolutely not. You are free to turn off your camera and just interact with audio or even typed chat while you watch (and participate) in the class.

4)Will this be taped?
It can be recorded, yes. It will be available then to anyone who took that class and to others who might want to watch it and see what an online class looks like. Your image WILL NOT show up on the recording, however

5)Are there other times available? I can’t do the times you have listed.
YES! Just let us know what time works best for you and we’ll get an instructor lined up to teach.

6)Can I request a one on one session?
Yes! Private sessions run at a higher hourly rate but they are available. Just send us a message and let us know what you need.

7)Is it safe?
Yes! All of our instructors are fully certified and vetted so you’re safe on a physical level. On a computer level, there is no content to download which decreases any issues about viruses. The other participants cannot see you, only the instructor, so there is no chance you’ll be at risk there.

Sign up to try it out today!

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