Advent devotions…

It’s that time of year again…we are in a state of preparation. As Christians this is a good time, this season of waiting and hope, to get our focus right. It can be hard to get and keep that focus of the coming of Christ! There are so many things to distract us.

You can help to set and keep the focus by downloading our new eBook, DoxaSoma: Daily Practice of Advent. Follow along with us each day, breathing and finding that focus.

You can get your copy by clicking below and begin your practice at any time!

Daily Practice of Advent

FAQ: Online Classes!

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Frequently asked questions about PowHow classes!
1) Can anyone else see me during the class?
Yes! I can! As your instructor I can see your positioning and you can see my demonstration. It’s like a skype call only we’ll be moving through Doxasoma together. No other participants can see you, however.

2)Will I be on the recording?
No! Only my demonstration will be recorded. We can interact during the class, you can ask questions or give feedback but only my portion of the class is recorded.

3)What about the technology? Is it hard to learn?
There may be some learning curve on getting the webcam/audio the first time but I always try to make sure new participants have some time to ramp up on that part. You can ask at any time if you’re having trouble.

4)Why not just do videos? What’s so great about live classes?
Accountability! When we’re all there together I’ll encourage you to keep going, to stretch into your goals and to hold the positions a little longer to reach the strength you didn’t know you had! The recordings are great to keep the momentum going til we meet again as a “class” but the live classes really help us to press forward and keep things moving.

I hope to see you at PowHow (or in person!) soon 🙂



Interval training has long been a tried and true method in the fitness world. Alternating periods of rest with work for varying lengths, according to what the client needs, is a great way to bring about health and fitness goals. The latest trend in this sort of training is called High Intensity Interval Training or “HIIT.” It’s the same concept upon which programs like Tabata and CrossFit are built. They can be incredibly effective!

At DoxaFit we’re rolling out a new program for one’s DoxaSoma practice. Called, DoxaSoma: Intensity, the program will cycle through a handful of positions using “intensifiers” for each position such as changing the arm or foot position, adding hand weights or deepening the pose and follow those with moments of Prayer Breathing, Prayer Position and gentle Chara stretches.

The focus for our Intensity program comes from the book of 1 Chronicles,

“Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his dwelling place.” -1 Chron 27

In each of the “intense” cycles we breathe, remember the strength of our Creator and focus on building up and during each of the “rest” cycles we flow into breathing in His goodness and His joy, thankful for God’s presence!

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out one of our new classes ONLINE at PowHow! You can join in for the class live with a webcam and mic on your computer or you can watch the video later! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Classes begin April 2nd!

Classes begin April 2nd!

Online classes are HERE!

Doxafit is very excited to partner with PowHow so that we can bring you online DoxaSoma classes!

At the moment, we’re rolling out a series of “morning stretch” classes from Founder/Master Trainer Angela Doll Carlson but we hope to give you a full complement of classes you can try in the coming months.

We need your help, though. Tell us what you need! Times/Days/Style/Length.

We’re listening!

Take a moment to weigh in here…and in the meantime, feel free to check out the FAQ list that we’ve compiled about taking online DoxaSoma classes:

Some FAQs about taking a DoxaSoma class online-

1)Do I have to live in Chicago?
NO! If you have an internet connection you can take the class!

2)Isn’t this just like watching a video or DVD of the class?
NO! This is better. If you have a webcam either external or in the computer we can actually see and hear each other as well. The instructor is available to give real time feedback on positioning, focus, questions…anything!

3)Do I HAVE to use a webcam?
Absolutely not. You are free to turn off your camera and just interact with audio or even typed chat while you watch (and participate) in the class.

4)Will this be taped?
It can be recorded, yes. It will be available then to anyone who took that class and to others who might want to watch it and see what an online class looks like. Your image WILL NOT show up on the recording, however

5)Are there other times available? I can’t do the times you have listed.
YES! Just let us know what time works best for you and we’ll get an instructor lined up to teach.

6)Can I request a one on one session?
Yes! Private sessions run at a higher hourly rate but they are available. Just send us a message and let us know what you need.

7)Is it safe?
Yes! All of our instructors are fully certified and vetted so you’re safe on a physical level. On a computer level, there is no content to download which decreases any issues about viruses. The other participants cannot see you, only the instructor, so there is no chance you’ll be at risk there.

Sign up to try it out today!

Spring Instructor Workshop: Chicago


Focus & Fitness
Instructor Training Workshop!

This 15 hour workshop covers the basics of the practice of DoxaSoma,breakdowns of each position with scriptural and physical teaching points,leading meditations and fundamentals of stretching.

This is the first step for anyone interested in teaching a class or for anyone who just wants more depth of knowledge in their practice of DoxaSoma. This workshop is open to current instructors, new instructors and those who are interested in knowing more about DoxaSoma.

This workshop offers 1.5 approved CEC hours for AFAA and ACE members.


Kimball Arts Center
1757 N. Kimball
Chicago, IL
Saturday May 24th & 25th, 2014
Saturday 8:00am-5pm
Sunday 8:00am- 4pm

Registration open now!

$220 Certification Level
$110 Re-Certification Level (must be within 2 years of initial training)
$35/day Current Instructor Level (must be current in DoxaSoma certification)
$75/day Day Pass (non certification track)

The digital age…


We are finally dipping our toe into digital waters, here at DoxaFit! The DoxaSoma DVD, “The Ancient Path” is finally available as a download. Because we’re just getting started in this we’re offering the download for a song!

(Well, it’s not for an actual song, it’s for money, but not a whole LOT of money!)

Take a moment and check it out! If you “share” it on Facebook or Twitter before buying you’ll get a 10% discount on an already crazy good price!

Now’s the time to get serious about starting or supporting a DoxaSoma practice 🙂



in the cards…

Love DoxaSoma and want to put together your own practice at home? Check out the Positions Cards now available on our site. There is  a limited supply available at the moment and while we usually reserve these for our Instructors I’m giving you the opportunity to own your very own pack!

Check it out!

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.07.44 PMOrder yours today by clicking here!

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